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What do Steve Jobs, Leonardo da Vinci, Rosa Parks and beavers all have in common? While they might seem very different at first glance (some are human and some are, well, beavers!), they all have one very important characteristic in common – an original and creative perspective.

But did you know an original and creative mindset is not just the privilege of geniuses or artists or even animals? No, creativity is first and foremost a simple matter of perspective. And creativity is the fuel that inspires, generates value and brings ideas to life. Creativity strengthens teamwork, boosts innovation and increases involvement. That’s why it’s the most in-demand soft-skill in the 21st century.

Most importantly, creativity can be developed! No matter how ‘uncreative’ you think you are, your creativity is just waiting to be discovered and nurtured.

And that's where I come in:

I am here to help nurture and feed your creative perception. Through Beneath & Beyond I will take you on an inspirational journey to uncover your greatest ideas – be that in your classroom, boardroom or one-on-one.

The path to your creativity begins here


Idit Elnatan, Editor in Chief
Idit Elnatan, Editor in ChiefNational Geographic Magazine Israel
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Roee Elisha is one of those guys who is meant to connect: between fields, topics and people. The inspirational talk Roee gave to the Israeli National Geographic Team was fascinating, original and thought provoking. In spite of the platform being online, the meeting gave the feeling of social bonding. Roee sensitively tailored his talk to his audience, while generating engagement and interaction. The result was a fun and surprising meet-up. I warmly recommend Roee’s talk.
Michael Naphtali
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Roee Elisha and I worked closely together on a project aiming to establish a bilateral hub to establish a range of environmental partnerships between Israel and Australia. Roee managed the project most capably. As the sponsor of this project I was impressed at his ability to overcome cultural barriers and form a productive, working relationship with numerous local and Israeli stakeholders, including business and federal government. He possesses a variety of skill sets necessary for successful implementation of innovation and creative initiatives within projects and organizations. His approach is quite visionary, an approach that reflects ambitiousness and novel thinking.
Amir.KFounding Partner · Chief Operating Officer · Project Manager
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I reached out to Roee when I was at a crossroad in my career. Roee is not like all these coachers, who just push you to be more productive and squeeze another minute of your day. We started a process that was led by Roee according to his methodology, but was also very personal and adapted to my needs. I learned to take a pause and look at things differently. Then I was able to move on more peacefully. Roee offers a new approach - one that combines different cultures and traditions. But most of all it is a very sensitive and non patronizing process. One that comes from a sincere and deep source.
Amit Bar-On
Amit Bar-OnHead of Cloud and Cyber Threat Management Services EY (Hacktics)
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I invited Roee to give an inspirational talk about creativity in workplaces He gave his talk in our quarterly CISO Cyber Expert Club to nearly 100 representatives from leading companies in Israel. One of the best, creative and interesting persons I have ever listened to. Roee is not like anyone else, he has unlimited passion for his work. The CISO Cyber Expert Club members were amazed by his techniques and knowledge which considered as very practical and easy to implement. We witnessed how day to day creative tasks can change employees, managers, and executive’s mindsets. His tips were focusing on how to drive innovation within the lifetime of a project and create the best team work. This is an ongoing journey for all of us. Highly recommended!!!
Shasha.M, Architect, BIM Project Manager
Shasha.M, Architect, BIM Project ManagerEpstein Project Management
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The world of business management evolves around strategic planning and analytical thinking tailored to meet deadlines, budget constraints, assimilation of technologies and more… In our two day workshop Roee reminded us to focus and unearth our own creative skills. He inspired our thinking by creating a different way of looing at our work via unconventional tools such as: mindfulness based observation, listening and movement. Our ability to express our thoughts and opinions during the workshop has strengthen our team work and gave an opportunity to see each other with fresh perspective. We also learned about one another’s thinking styles. Roee’s work included fun out of the box exercises which triggered an immediate improvement and created a stimulating atmosphere to work. Thank you, and wish you great success!
Anne Fishman, Principal edu Integrated Marketing. Boston, New YorkConsultancy
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I am happy to recommend Roee Elisha. Although our time was limited, Roee demonstrated a searing and far-reaching intelligence, excellent writing skills (in English, at any rate), and a thorough approach. Roee is thoughtful and aims to exceed expectations. He also demonstrates patience and good humor.
Shira Leon
Shira LeonInternational Program for Environmental Studies’ Coordinator, Porter School, Tel Aviv University
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The workshops with Roee Elisha were the ultimate gift for our international program’s students. The workshops certainly helped them to strategist innovative moves in their future careers, while acknowledging their unique perspectives, original thinking styles and passion zones.
Dan Springer, CEO
Dan Springer, CEOJewish National Fund Australia
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Roee was comfortable working with multiple stakeholders and generating creative solutions, through a highly collaborative, cross-disciplinary approach.. I would recommend Roee Elisha’s innovative services, especially when there is a need to navigate and resolve complex issues in a timely manner.
Marcus Mandie, CEO
Marcus Mandie, CEOAustralia-Israel Chamber of Commerce
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Roee’s friendly manner brings people together. His innovative approach and creativity generates 'out-of-the-box' opportunities. He is determined and outcome focused. He helps provide tangible solutions. A great person to have on your team.
Dr. Laibl Wolf, Founder and Dean
Dr. Laibl Wolf, Founder and DeanSpiritgrow - The Josef Kryss Holistic Centre
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Roee Elisha was an inspirational and highly knowledgeable trainer. His multifaceted background and knowledge of both science and behaviour brings together an amazing symbiosis that produces pearls of wisdom and insight. He packs a large body of research and knowledge into his presentations and keeps participants well on their toes.
Isaac BlochIsrael
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Dear Roee Our focusing process was special and empowering experience for me. You are an expert in forming precise guiding questions, process analysis and listening. These skills combined with your flexible thinking and creativity have enabled me to re-design my next moves. There is no doubt that you’ve chosen the right professional platform through which your natural born skills are ultimately manifested. I look forward to our next sessions.
Vered SadeIsrael
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Dear Roee, I would like to thank you for your interesting and inspiring lecture tonight on creative development among preschoolers. You hypnotized us. I especially loved your creative mind and how it triggered my flexible thinking and focusing- related skills.
Adva Zecharia
Adva ZechariaThe Israeli Sports Authority in Schools, Jerusalem District, Israel
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Thank you so much for your inspiring talk this afternoon on creativity in sports and education. Your talk was sharp and clear and your tips are applicable. It was inspiring to witness a range of creative outlets which demonstrate the elasticity of human’s minds.
Adi Taranto
Adi TarantoIsrael
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We invited Roee Elisha to give a talk in our local pub. His talk on creative development was inspiring and mind expanding. In his talk, Roee made us re-design our thinking about our habits and life choices. Highly recommended! Don’t miss!

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better"

Albert Einstein


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