Take inspiration from creative heroes and forge your own creative path!

Beneath & Beyond is a hub for creative interactions, professional growth and creative opportunities. Think of it as like an interactive cafe that brings together people from diverse backgrounds, disciplinary fields and ages for unique collaborations and exciting possibilities.

In the Beneath & Beyond cafe you will be able to develop your creative skills via several programs. These programs include access to inspirational talks, workshops and courses or through personal training.

Throughout our exciting journey you will be inspired by creative engineers, designers, heads of Aboriginal tribes and many more. Their powerful insights and inspiration will fuel your own creative journey.

You can expect to:

  1. Get a healthy dose of inspiration and expand your perceptive abilities!
  2. Train your mind to think creatively and flexibly to spark your imagination
  3. Uncover and strengthen your inner entrepreneur!

Be prepared to:

  1. Reinvent yourself: Together we will push through creative blocks, gain fresh perspectives and discover an out-of-the-box thinking style that will expand your mind
  2. You will become more efficient: Together we will brainstorm new, innovative ideas and develop the tools you need to make them a reality!
  3. Break your routine: Together we will rediscover a fun, joyful and open-minded approach to life and work