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Business Development and Entrepreneurship

  • Inspiration – What lies behind a new product or innovative move? Imagination. Let’s stimulate your imagination by learning from high performing individuals. Let’s turn your imagination from an inactive muscle to a game-ready energy source!
  • Entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurship requires an appetite for originality and risk taking. You will acquire tools for creating a work atmosphere that will both stimulate out-of-the-box ideas and the nerve to act on them!
  • Flexible Thinking – Flexible thinking is an essential skill in attracting investors, forging business collaborations and problem-solving – three core elements in the entrepreneurship and business development worlds. Together, we will train your flexible thinking by expanding your mind through a range of creative outlets. You will seize new opportunities in line with your business interests.
  • Intuition – A good entrepreneur listens to their intuition and values the intuition of others. They are motivated by their unique curiosity and passion and readily encourage the curiosity and passions of staff. Together, we will tap into your intuition and learn to tap into your team’s intuition for creative and profitable results! 
  • Creativity in Management – Creativity in Management will help you to see existing products and/or processes of yours from new perspectives. We will work on extracting more from your limited resources and develop creative abilities that save you time and increase your effectiveness. Productivity will grow and additional income sources identified.

Inspirational Pockets

Flexible Thinking as a Business Development Tool

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Creative designers added swings to bus stops in Singapore. Now, kids can swing while waiting for the bus to come. Creativity grows in the synthesis between unrelated fields: in this case, swings (associated with playgrounds) and a bus stop.

Intra-Organizational Entrepreneurship (High-tech)

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Google has an effective and inspired way of motivating its staff and increasing profits – by allowing employees to spend 20% of their time on personal projects it has created an additional revenue stream. Their employees’ ideas now account for approximately 5% of profits!

Intra-Organizational Entrepreneurship (Low-tech)

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A Japanese soap company installed an expensive x-ray system to solve a technical problem on its packaging line: random packages were being left empty by a fault in the system. Unfortunately this costly ‘fix’ didn’t work and the problem continued. Struggling to find a solution, the company’s board visited the factory and puzzled over the production line. A clever employee volunteered a creative (and cheap!) solution on the spot – simply place a fan alongside the production line and the empty packages would simply fly away!