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Creative Marketing and Brand Enhancement

  • Out-of-the-Box Marketing – Out-of-the-Box Marketing is fuelled by imagination and flexibility. It encourages you to tap into your clients’ diverse thinking styles to produce surprising new opportunities. Together, we will be inspired by the marketing moves of others, while developing complementary business partnerships for you so your product or service will stand out.

Inspirational Pockets

Example: Creativity as a Marketing Tool

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A creative architect designed a swimming pool on the roof of a hotel in Singapore. The pool creates an optical illusion of "touching" the sky. The architect’s imagination turned the hotel’s pool into an attraction that brings in revenue and inspires many visitors.

Example: Creativity in Marketing

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A marketing manager of a beanbag company is struggling with pain during a dental care. She clenches her fingers into a fist. She imagines squeezing a stress ball. On her way out of the clinic she has a great idea: tomorrow she will team up with the dental supplies distributor. Every patient will receive a stress ball with her company’s logo. This marketing channel has benefited all players.