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Fundraising and Attracting Investors

  • Flexible Thinking – Flexible thinking is a crucial skill required for those trying to fundraise and seek investment. Securing investment is more effective when you and your team members train your minds to recognize the thinking styles of potential investors and act with flexibility to appeal to their interests and motivations.
  • Improvisation and Manoeuvring Skills in Negotiations – Improvisation and Manoeuvring Skills in Negotiations will equip you with the agility of mind you need to negotiate with skill and speed. Together we will boost your problem solving skills and help you to close more deals.
  • Passion – What is your passion zone? Putting your passion’s power to use is the answer to increased sales. Passion is THE “language” of investors. When they feel you are passionate about your product they will invest in you and your idea. It is that simple. Together we will tap into your passion zone for unlimited success!

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Flexible Thinking as a Tool for Mobilizing Resources and Attracting Investors

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3M employees Arthur Fry and Spencer Silver developed the prototype for Post it sticky notes. After seeking, and failing, to get support from the 3M marketing department to present the idea to management, Fry came up with a creative idea – he left samples on the CEO’s secretary’s desk. Shortly after, the secretary called to ask for another pack. He told her to contact the marketing department! She did, and the rest is history! Today this product serves millions.