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Improvement in Sales

  • Inspiration for sales – A sales role require you to “step into the shoes” of your potential clients, to understand their habits, abilities and most importantly, their needs. The ability to do this requires inspiration, a healthy imagination, boldness and flexible thinking. These are the driving forces behind inspiring sales. Together, we will be inspired by the creative moves of others, while improving your team’s performance. The results will be surprising new channels of sales for you.
  • Sales are low? Perhaps it is time to see things differently. Together, we will increase your sales through business collaborations with partners who will gain a competitive edge from what you have to offer.
  • Awareness as a Sales Enhancer – a trained salesperson knows how to interpret a client’s body language. When your sales staff are aware of this hidden language, more deals are closed. Increased awareness will also sharpen your ability to perceive and act on ideas you might have missed, increasing opportunities for your business. Together, we will add innovative tools and skills to your kit!

Inspirational Pockets

Imagination as a Tool for Growing Sales in the Technological World

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iPhone's developers were encouraged to use their imagination to create a phone that would be useful for all kinds of people and professions. They imagined their end-users: an architect, a teacher, a musician, etc. By stepping into these future users’ shoes, they could develop the different features needed in their fields, and give their product the competitive advantage.

Creative Business Collaboration

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A beanbag Sales manager is daydreaming. He imagines himself lying on a beanbag in his backyard. He decides that starting next week the largest decking company in the country will provide a gift to its clients- a beanbag. All players gain an added value. Sales increase and become easier and more joyful.