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Inspirational Talks

Do you want to introduce the ideas of innovative thinking and creative problem solving training to your organization, students or friends?

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Duration: 75-90 minutes

List of Topics


  • The “DNA” of Creative Solutions: What Creative Ingredients do all Successful Ideas and Innovations share?
  • Tapping into our Creativity: How to Create the Conditions for Creativity
  • Creative Thinking Principles in Action: Techniques, Common Methods and Relevant Skills Development
  • Incorporate Creative Practices Within the Lifecycle of Your Ideas and Products
  • How Thinking Styles of the Past Affect our Ability to Think Creatively Today

Business, Management & Entrepreneurship

  • Creative Thinking as a Tool for Innovative Management
  • Creativity as the Cornerstone of Innovation
  • Implementation of Creative Thinking in Decision Making Processes
  • Creativity in Nature and the World of Environmental Management
  • Conditions and Methods for Nurturing Creative Managers, Problem Solvers and Individual Thinkers
  • Basic Principles in Creativity within your Organization’s Structure

Education & Teaching

  • Creative Thinking in the World of Education and Teaching
  • Creative Methods as Bridging Tools Between Students and Teachers

Self-Growth & Improvement

  • Creative Thinking and Mindfulness: The perfect friendship


Adi Taranto
Adi TarantoIsrael
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We invited Roee Elisha to give a talk in our local pub. His talk on creative development was inspiring and mind expanding. In his talk, Roee made us re-design our thinking about our habits and life choices. Highly recommended! Don’t miss!
Adva Zecharia
Adva ZechariaThe Israeli Sports Authority in Schools, Jerusalem District, Israel
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Thank you so much for your inspiring talk this afternoon on creativity in sports and education. Your talk was sharp and clear and your tips are applicable. It was inspiring to witness a range of creative outlets which demonstrate the elasticity of human’s minds.
Eliza Mayo, Deputy Director
Eliza Mayo, Deputy DirectorThe Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, Israel
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Roee spoke at our annual alumni conference about "Developing Creative Careers." Roee's genuine excitement for creative approaches really infused his talk. He shared ideas useful for people starting out in the work world such as our alumni. His content included some great examples and video clips to help participants make connections that are innovative and creative, helping them to think differently about their career development.
Shana Upiter, ELC CoordinatorMount Scopus Memorial College
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Roee Elisha spoke at our recent Mount Scopus ELC conference on the topic of creativity. The teachers found his presentation inspiring. It was a great provocation for us to think beyond creativity as personal expression and allowed us to make connections with ideas about creativity as a thinking and feeling process.

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one"

John Lennon